What is mental health and Why Is it Important?

Hi, this is Neelam. A trial and error spirit. I am not a mental health expert, so you won’t find this article with such numbers, graphs, statistics, etc. But I am here to share what every individual must be feeling inside. So here I will be talking about YOU. You, who so ever reading this, Take care!

People still have a lot of misconceptions about mental health. One common one is that a mental health problem is not something that is easily visible and that you just have a bad day. 

The truth is, 1 in 4 people experience a mental health problem at some time in their life. Mental health issues can affect people from all walks of life, including the most successful. 

Let’s heal our mental health. Let it breathe, too! 

It is a massive issue if you notice. It is simply unavoidable. It’s a silent noise held inside you. 

Let’s learn about it.

What is mental health?

Mental health is a state of mind, where a person feels okay emotionally. It can be affected by many things, such as genetics, environment, and life experiences. And it is curable of course but not avoidable if you notice.

Mental illness can cause symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and hallucinations. It is important to cure because it can affect a person’s ability to function in life.

Poor Mental health can be a genuine disease if you ignore it. But, unfortunately, our so-called fashionable sophisticated society makes fun of it and says there is nothing like that. 

Also, under the sun, there are some people exist who create mental health drama in very small life issues, too. 

Let’s come to the reality part.

Our emotional, psychological, financial, and social well-being are all parts that reflect our mental health. 

It influences our thoughts, emotions, and mostly behavior. While most people experience non-specific anxiety and depressive symptoms, some have specific phobias.

More than half of people with these disorders have significant symptoms. While the official sites have statistics that are often based on a survey's time and place, they do show that certain demographic factors may be associated with a higher risk for certain mental health disorders. These demographic factors include age, gender, ethnicity, and marital and financial status.

Mental Health Awareness Month and Mental Health Day

Organizations and authorities have made some particular mental health days and mental health awareness months. You can just google it and can get to know. Here I don’t want to mention the so-called month or date. Because every day is mental health day and every month is mental health awareness month if we are aware enough about it.

How to identify the mental health of your loved ones?

Here, I will share two scenarios.

Scene 1:

Person 1: Hey, what is your problem? Why are you behaving like this?

Person 2: ( Arguments )

Person 1: ( Arguments )

Person 2: ( Arguments ) You are just a waste of time. You are out of my league. You are a big mistake yourself.

Scene 2:

Person 1: Hey, what is your problem? Why are you behaving like this?

Person 2: ( Arguments )

Person 1: ok tell me what is wrong? This is not you. The matter is something else. Let’s talk. 

So, If you know that the person behaves like this every day then scene 1 will happen.

But, if you know that person very very well inside out and if you already know what the person is already going through in his/her personal life. Then definitely, Scene 2 will happen. 

You will definitely understand and be sure that there must be something else bothering him/her. Ask them what is the matter. Ask them that this is not you. There must be something else.

Not every individual has the capability to open themselves up with every tiny detail of what are they going through. Check on them why their behavior is different instead confronting them as mentally imbalanced. 

Let’s hold each other’s hand and make a circle of life where no one will be left out.

Because in life, there are possibilities where every human lost their life balance. But there must be a reason behind it. Try to know that if you care for them. Just do not cut the person out of your life and don’t let the person suffer more.

It is important to get burst out for each and every person. Bursting out helps you prevent getting exhausted. And if you have someone who not only listens to you but also understands you, then you are lucky enough. Take their help and burst yourself out. 

Why is mental health important?

Mental well-being is a source of strength for every individual. 

Simple and straight reason to learn the importance of mental health. It is a wound that you might have got inside of your soul, body, and mind that definitely should be cured. Just be kind to everyone. 

You never know what is hidden behind that million-dollar smile!

It is important to take care of your mental health. It affects your ability to work and your overall quality of life. The better you feel, the more productive you are. 

Your productivity is also higher when you are mentally healthy. A person who is depressed or suffering from a serious mental illness loses approximately 40% of their workdays each year. Poor mental health can affect your work performance and negatively impact your financial stability.

How to cure your Mental Health?

There are some simple ways to cure mental health. These are the ways where you do not need anybody’s help or consultation. You can cure your mental health by yourself. Yes, you can heal yourself.

  1. Do meditation every morning.
  2. Try some Yoga. Yoga helps to remove bad toxins from your mind and body.
  3. Take some time from your busy day and try to spend the time alone with yourself.
  4. Listen to your favorite music.
  5. Cook good food if you love cooking.
  6. Dance like no one is watching.
  7. Make self-talk.
  8. Spend some time in nature.
  9. Burst yourself out. If no one is there with you. Just cry it out. Crying is completely ok. That doesn’t define that you are a weak human. 
  10. Motivate yourself. 
  11. Trust in yourself.
  12. Give time, some time. Time is the biggest healer.
  13. Have faith in the universe.

…….and a note to everyone,

This Dussehra, let's burn the Ravana hidden inside our soul, body, and mind.

Get up and leave everything behind. Get some time and catch up with your loved one. Make a call. Ask them how are they doing. Hug your loved ones. Smile and make everyone smile. Let’s build each other. That costs nothing. We live only once. Life is too short. Life is Now. Life is Today.

Thank you for reading! Share this article with your loved ones and also, drop your comments and share your thoughts. :)